Where can I buy stamps?

Where to buy postage stamps?

You would like to send a mail and want to buy postage stamps but don’t know where to buy. Here is your guide to buy postage stamps?

You can buy postage stamps from several places like grocery stores, pharmacies even from internet sites. You can find places to buy stamps below. If you are in US, most of these places are convenient places known you may find near your home such as CVS, Rite aid, and Walmart. If you are on vacation and send postcard or letter to a friend or family, you better to ask a local or go to closest post office. In some countries, you can find stamps in local markets, bookshops.

Anyway, here is an extensive list of places you can buy postage stamps in US.

  • Post offices
    • Purchase stamps from USPS
  • Pharmacies
    • Purchase stamps from CVS
    • Purchase stamps from Rite Aid
    • Purchase stamps from Walgreens
  • Retailer Stores
    • Purchase stamps from Walmart
    • Order stamps from Amazon
  • Copy Centers
    • Purchase stamps from Staples
    • Purchase stamps from Fedex Copy
  • Banks
    • Purchase stamps from TD Bank
    • Purchase stamps from Bank of America
    • Purchase stamps from Check Cashing

What is a postage stamp?

Sending snail mail is easy right? You just write a letter, stick a stamp on it and post. Can you imagine how much letters posted a day in US? How about internation mail? So, postage stamp is kind of receipt that shows mailing fee is paid. It is an indication for people who handles the posts that proves post is eligible to transfer to its destination.
Stamps are kind of identification. They contain information about originating country. You can see country specific designation on this small piece of paper differ from historical events to cultural symbols. It provides information to people handle the mail through its delivery to destination.
Postage stamps are very efficient and does good job since their invention during mid-18th century. They are not changed too much since their invention.
Postage stamps can be considered as small contract between post office and sender. Did you think how priority mails are handled? You are ready to pay more for sending your mail in shorter time but how people know in mailing system distinguish mail from low priority and high priority. The answers is obvious right? There are special types of stamps indicates if mail is express or shall be delivered by planes, trains or sea freight. With different types of mail, postage stamps helps to postage guys to sort out differences, help mails to reach its destination in most convenient way.
Who thinks that small paper have lots of magic inside?

Best way of purchase postage stamps is online

If you are delivering large number mails or collecting stamps, best way to buy postage stamps is online stores. You can buy stamps from USPS and Amazon.

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